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Hazel Community Primary School

Learning Every Day with Hazel Pride

Anti-Bullying at Hazel

Our school is committed to providing a safe and happy environment for all children.

There are two Anti-Bullying leaders in our school called Mrs Rhodes and Miss Jones. 

They are supported by the Hazel Pride Leaders who make sure children know what bullying is, everybody's role in preventing it and what to do if you are being bullied. 

At our school, we teach the children to use the 'Hazel Big Five' if they feel they are being bullied...


  1. Walk away and find a friend
  2. Use your voice (tell them to stop)
  3. Tell an adult that is there
  4. Tell your teacher
  5. Stand tall (be proud of who you are)

      Follow this link to sing along to 'This is Me' that we sing each year during Anti Bullying Week

      This Is Me


Useful Websites

Anti Bullying Alliance