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Last update: 2021-01-17

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What's in a name?

Maisie Chan

Miss Issa chose Maisie Chan as the Author she wanted her class to be named after. 

As soon as the children arrived at the beginning of the autumn term, they did some research and discovered many wonderful things about Maisie Chan

The decided it would be a good idea to write to the author, and were completely surprised when she wrote back to them. No only did she write to them but she also sent each child a copy of one of her books.

Maisie Chan is now an honorary friend of Hazel Community Primary School and is the first recipient (non staff member) to receive a Hazel Pride badge


Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Mrs S Maxwell who is currently teaching Year 5,  chose Sheku Kanneh-Mason to represent the name of her class. You may recogise Sheku as the cellist who performed a solo at Meghan and Harry's wedding.  Please click on the link below. .         https://www.youtube.com/embed/TeDB27cq3fE

The Children become so fascinated by the young musician that Mrs Maxwell decided to contact his agent but she was not prepared for the response she received . . .

Sheku sent a personal message to the class. 

Please see his video message below. 





Sheku's Personal Message to the Children in Year 5, Mrs. Maxwell's Class