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Learning Every Day with Hazel Pride

The Hazel Connected Curriculum 

At Hazel we teach each National Curriculum subject discretely, but we focus on the ‘connections’ that exist in learning across the curriculum. We know that in reality, everything is connected, and the best learning is achieved in context and using all the prior knowledge and skills that children have. We have designed a curriculum that focuses carefully on the knowledge and skills that children acquire over time. We enable children to deepen their learning using their prior understanding and abilities which allows them to create memorable learning experiences.

We ensure that our connected learning is memorable for all children. We revisit key concepts, information and ideas regularly at all levels across the school – this is to ensure that children’s learning is embedded into their long-term memory so they can continue to learn efficiently. Our curriculum is designed to support this learning and the teaching of specific skills and knowledge is carefully planned and sequenced across all year groups.

What is special about the Hazel curriculum?

We are so lucky with the location of our school! We have so many established links with local businesses, education settings and sporting venues that enrich and deepen the children’s learning. For example, we work closely with Leicester University and De Montfort University as their students support learning in areas such as Modern Foreign Languages. Our children also regularly visit different religious buildings in and around the city.

How is the curriculum organised?

We have worked on establishing the Foundations of our Hazel curriculum, and our curriculum Priorities for Hazel children. These areas are central to how our curriculum is delivered. Every subject across the school delivers these foundations and priorities in some form – they are embedded across the curriculum.

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Our Curriculum Partners

Here are some of the partners we work with in order to deliver our Hazel Connected Curriculum

The Foundations of our Hazel curriculum: 

British Values and Citizenship

Hazel is a thriving multi-cultural school and we are proud of the fact that our school represents life in modern Britain. Our children speak around 36 languages and our families represent a wide range of cultures from around the world. This is something we want to celebrate in all areas of school life. We teach our British Values across the curriculum, these are: Democracy, Rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect and Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. Our weekly Picture News work (Shared in weekly assemblies and Friday afternoon classroom sessions) has a specific focus on developing our understanding of British Values.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in equal and fair opportunity for all. This is integral to building a society that everybody is proud and happy to be a part of. We teach equality and diversity through our whole curriculum – from the books we read, to the people we learn about and from the places we visit to the lessons we are taught. Everybody is included and welcome at Hazel and this is something the school has celebrated for a long time and will continue to do so. We must all play our part in building a world that is positive, inclusive and welcoming, and this is why we have it as a foundation for our school curriculum.

UN Global Goals

At Hazel we have a strong focus on the international work we do across the school. We work with partner schools around the world on projects that focus on the UN sustainable goals, such as working towards ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the climate change crisis.

Hazel Pride

Honesty, Altruism, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Love of Learning

Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Determination, Excellence

These are our school’s core values. These run through everything we do – we teach our children how to demonstrate and embody these values in all the work they do. We recognise Hazel Pride in assemblies, in all lessons and in all of our children's actions.


Metacognition is simply thinking about one’s own learning. For our children, it is about developing their awareness of their own thinking and learning. Developing children’s metacognition skills allows them to transfer their learning to new contexts more easily, which is an essential skill that we believe is necessary to be successful in today’s society.  Our aim is for this to allow children to become better problem solvers in all areas of their lives. 

Our curriculum Priorities for Hazel children:

Communication and Language

We are so lucky with the wide range of languages that are spoken by our children, we want to build on this rich tapestry of language to ensure that all children can learn to speak English efficiently and communicate effectively. Our curriculum has a strong focus on developing these skills – this includes reading and writing across the curriculum, and developing children’s oracy and voice. In each subject, we build in opportunities for children to speak, listen, read and write, so that this can be developed across every minute of the day at Hazel.


We are so close to so many aspirational people at Hazel, with the University of Leicester and De Montfort University within walking distance, there is a range of people working and studying there that our children can learn from and look up to. We also have many sporting role models nearby, such as those playing and working within the Leicester City and Leicester Tigers organisations. Leicester Royal Infirmary is also next door to us, and there are so many doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals that our children can look up to. And all of this is only what’s on our doorstep! We strive to give children as much exposure as possible to different career and life choices, in order to empower them to be as informed as possible when making their important life-decisions. It is our job, through our wider curriculum offer, to give open children’s minds as much as possible to the opportunities available to them around the world.

Personal Safety and Wellbeing

Hazel is located in a metropolitan urban centre, it is our duty to ensure that children know how to stay safe when they are travelling to school. Children and parents cross many roads to get to us before and after school, and we want to ensure this is done safely and properly. We teach children this through the work of local services and organisations such as Roadwise. We promote this on educational visits and local area walks too. We also actively promote children’s physical and mental wellbeing throughout our curriculum, and as a Hazel priority, it is developed across all subjects. We know that real learning takes place only when children are safe, happy and healthy and we promote this through a range of wellbeing initiatives and focuses across the school.