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Work during School Closure Period

Writing challenge!

Miss Chapman has provided a writing challenge for the whole school, we are hoping to use your work for display boards when we return to school.

Click the link to see the actual document with working links.

Writing Challenge Pigeon Impossible.pdf

Below are previous writing challenges, in case you missed them.

Writing Challenge Oktopodi.pdf




The files below have been provided by our class teachers to allow parents and children to continue learning at home.

Don't forget to check out Purple Mash, BugClub, Times Tables Rock Stars, My Maths where your children can do other exciting things!  Check out the Homework page on our website for easy links to online resources.



 teaching_powerpoint_prepositions with audio.pptxDownload
 teaching_powerpoint_present_perfect_form with audio.pptxDownload
 Y3_Week3_Teacher notes.docxDownload
 Year 3 Week 1 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 1 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 1 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Year 3 Week 1 Day 4.pdfDownload
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 Maths_Y3_Week3_Teacher notes.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 1 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 1 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 1 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 1 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 1 Day 5.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 2 Day 4.pdfDownload
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Easter Related work

 60-Second Reads Guidance.pdfDownload
 An Easter Sunday Surprise.pdfDownload
 Easter Bunny Answers.pdfDownload
 Easter Bunny Costume Activity.pdfDownload
 Easter Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity English.pdfDownload
 Easter Holiday Snapshots Writing Frame.pdfDownload
 Easter Joke Time Duration (24-Hour Clock) Code Breaker.pdfDownload
 Easter Jokes Matching Activity.pdfDownload
 Easter Multiplication Mosaics Differentiated Activity Sheets.pdfDownload
 Easter Spag Mystery Problem-Solving Game.pdfDownload
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 Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game.pdfDownload
 Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants Editable.docDownload
 Activity Sheet The Life Cycle of Flowering Plants.pdfDownload
 Nutrition Diary Crafting Instructions.pdfDownload
 Nutrition Diary Editable.docxDownload
 Nutrition Diary Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task - Editable.docxDownload
 Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
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Year 3

Year 3 have created a Long Term Plan for the school year.

Long Term Plan Year 3 - Updated 2020-05

The long term plans at Hazel Community Primary School have been written to provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that will motivate and engage the pupils at Hazel. The Long Term plans may sometimes change due to extra-curricular opportunities and additional visits.


Spring Term One