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We have used some of our Sports Funding to buy in Si-Sports on a two day a week contract. You can read about them on their website www.si-sports.co.uk. 

Demi is our usual PE leader and she coaches a range of different activities.

Playmakers and Health and Wellbeing Leaders

On Wednesday 13th of September, 8 of our Year 5 children went to the Queen Elizabeth Leisure Centre to learn how to be our Playmakers and Health and Wellbeing Leaders.

The role of a Playmaker is to promote activity more within the school. This can be during lunch and break times, before school and after school. The chosen children will encourage positive participation in the games and activities they lead and will show skills of determination, teamwork, respect, passion, self-belief and honesty.

The role of a Health and Wellbeing Leader is to consider how we can make healthier choices within the school and hopefully encourage this outside of school also. Chosen children will work with staff in school to conduct pupil, staff and parent surveys to see how we feel about school dinners, packed lunches and what we eat outside of school. They will encourage children and staff to lead a more active lifestyle which will, in turn, encourage a healthier attitude towards our wellbeing ou will spot our Playmakers and Health and Wellbeing Leaders as they will be wearing the blue and green t-shirts.

We will also be trying to encourage on the playground at the end of lunch the Daily Mile hereby children complete 9 laps of the playground by either walking or running to which equates to a mile a day.


Children in Year 5 attend swimming every Thursday as part of the National Curriculum.

They are assessed at the start of the year and then grouped accordingly. We have 2 qualified swimming instructors in place to enhance the pupil experience and engagement further.

Children will be assessed regularly and when they have achieved an award they will be awarded with this during our achievement assembly which takes place on a Monday morning. Children will then be allowed to purchase a badge for £1 from their class teacher.

Children are taught using the ASA Swimming Charter which Leicester City Council endorse.