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Inspire Maths

Inspire Maths is a high-quality textbook programme for the whole-school that helps every child to achieve maths mastery.

Inspire Maths is built on the proven approach to teaching maths in Singapore, recognised globally as one of the most impactful ways to teach and learn maths.
• Selected by the Department for Education and NCETM for the national textbook research project with Maths Hubs.
• High-quality pupil textbooks introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, enabling all children to become confident mathematicians.
• The concrete – pictorial – abstract approach ensures deep understanding of mathematical concepts.
• Carefully-designed spiral progression builds up knowledge over time.

Inspire Maths home activities

The Inspire Maths Home Activities give your child an opportunity to practise the maths that they have been doing at school, and give you an opportunity to support their learning.

Each Home Activity takes between ten and twenty minutes. The activities contain information on how the activity will help your child, important words and phrases that your child is learning, further opportunities to talk about your child’s ideas, and particular strategies or issues to look out for. You are not expected to teach your child the mathematical concepts themselves.

You won’t need any special equipment as most objects required for the activities can be found around the home. Some activities also include an activity sheet that contains illustrations or further questions to support your child’s learning.

Home activity links

Year 1 Home Activities

Year 2 Home Activities

Year 3 Home Activities

Maths Wizard

To celebrate success in maths we have a maths wizard for every maths session in all classes from Reception to Year 6.
Children in reception and Key Stage 1 are rewarded with the opportunity to wear the maths wizard cape and children in Key stage 2 wear the maths wizard lanyards.