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Our Governing Body?

What do we do
The Governors of Hazel Community Primary bring expertise from areas of education, industry and from the wider school community; we meet regularly at the school to provide challenge and support to the headteacher.

We value and promote a positive and committed school atmosphere at Hazel Community Primary. We believe the school enables staff, pupils, parents and governors to work together to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and that the school is an exciting place for learning.

The Governing body plays an important strategic and legal role in maintaining the success of Hazel Community Primary, helping to raise standards and ensuring that all pupils receive the best possible education.
We work closely with the headteacher, staff and the local authority in setting and agreeing the strategic direction of the school. Our core functions are:

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction ;
• Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and
• Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent

At Hazel Community Primary School we operate a no-committee model of school governance. The no-committee model allows all governors to be present at, and contribute to, all discussions held at the regular governing body meetings. These meetings include all key areas as appropriate.

Named Governors are linked to each key area and report back to the full governing body where relevant at the regular governing body meetings.

Link Governors meet with key staff in their area at least one per term. Their role in this meeting is to observe, monitor and evaluate the work in their area of responsibility. Link Governors support and challenge staff in order to build capacity and to develop their own understanding. (Further link work may be undertaken where relevant through Learning Walks, external Governor training etc.)

Outcomes from these interactions are reported back to the full Governing body using the Hazel template and are discussed as a group at the regular governing body meetings. All Governors are free to enquire and further challenge the Link Governor on this. Further actions maybe required or inspired which the Link Governor will undertake and report back.

Governors are also involved in supporting the school in making sure the education provided is the best it can be through visiting the school and watching lessons, as well as talking with children, parents and staff on a regular basis.

Annual Governance Statement

As a result of a Governing Body/SLT Strategy day in the summer of 2018 the Governing Body self-evaluated and concluded:

· The Governing Body profile is not high enough and too many staff are unclear who we are and what we do.
· Because of the no-committee model, and the small numbers on the FGB, Governors find themselves responsible for new areas and training will be needed
· The skills audit highlighted areas where we would benefit from training and which would direct future recruitment.
· Whilst beneficial to individual governors, visits are sometimes without strategic purpose
· Full Governing Body meetings are too long and often too operational

As a result of this self evaluation, and as part of our improved effectiveness, we are urgently addressing the issues that were highlighted during that day.

Please see the Governors’ Development Plan below for more information.

GDP Sept 28 2018

Who we are

Lynda Callaghan
Chair of Governors.
Co-opted governor.
My name is Lynda Callaghan and I am a local, Leicester girl with a long career in Education. I taught French in Leicester Secondary schools for many years before joining the Local Authority to support School Improvement as a Behaviour and Attendance Consultant.
I have been a Governor at Hazel Community Primary since taking redundancy in 2015 and am now delighted to be the current Chair of Governors. I currently work as an independent Education Consultant so am very much steeped in the local and national education agenda.
Sarah Thomson
Vice-Chair of Governors.
Co-opted governor.
My name is Sarah Thomson and I am the Director of Strategic and International Partnerships at De Montfort University in Leicester. I have been in Leicester for 15 years and I really enjoy living and working here. In my role at the university I oversee a Directorate of circa 100 staff and a budget of several million pounds which gives me skills that I bring to my role as Governor at Hazel Community Primary School. 
As I work in Higher Education I bring a view point to the Governing Body of how important a good primary education is for young people which I see if they choose to come to university. I have been a Governor at Hazel Community Primary School since 2015 and I am committed to supporting the school and its vision to be a learning community where everyone can achieve.
Alan Curtis
Co-opted governor.
My name is Alan Curtis. Although I was born in London, I’ve lived and worked in Leicester for 30 years. Many of these were spent teaching English in Secondary schools and the rest were as a Senior Project Manager for an organisation owned by Leicester City Council. 
During the latter, I worked with children and young people across the 5 -18 years age range and had a particular interest in issues relating to their emotional heath and well-being, anti-bullying, raising achievement and pupil voice. I’ve been a Local Authority Governor for four years. Having recently retired, I look forward to spending more time doing the things I enjoy.
Roz Falso
Staff governor
I’m Roz Falso and I’ve been a teacher at Hazel for 8 years, teaching mainly year 4 children. I’m a Leicester girl born and bred and often at the football matches with my own kids. I am currently the Eco School’s lead and have some really good ideas on how to makes things more eco friendly at Hazel.
This is my second time as a governor and I’m really enjoying it.
Eileen Marlowe
Co-Opted governor
I am pleased to become a Governor at Hazel Primary School. As a retired teacher with 30 years experience of working in schools, colleges and universities I hope my experience will enable me to assist the governing body. As a headteacher for 10 years I have a good understanding of school management. I will also bring understanding of Ofsted as I undertook Ofsted inspections whilst in post as a headteacher. I am looking forward to meeting all members of the school community and assisting in any way I can.
Robert Vincent
Co-Opted governor
I came to Leicester to live and work in 1981 and my four children were educated here. I have worked in both the primary and secondary sectors and at a college in the United States. I spent 22 years working with a wide range of primary schools in Leicester, Leicestershire and London. That included a great deal of working with many different governing bodies, academies and free schools as well as maintained schools.
I worked with a major government project supporting evening schools in Leicester run by different communities and was part of a government advisory group for primary and secondary English in the current National Curriculum. I inspected for Ofsted for several years, with a particular focus on English.

None of the above Governors have any relevant business interests. They are not a Governor in another school. There are no relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.

Governor Responsibilities 2018 – 2019
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Governor Responsibilities March 2019

Governor Blog
Check out our Governor Blog to keep up to date with what Governors do eg.
* Governor training
* Accompanying pupils on school visits
* Walkthroughs to monitor the day to day running of the school
* Supporting initiatives in the community

Governor Training

Governor Attendance Data

Meeting Dates 2018 – 2019
* Thursday 18th October 2018
* Thursday 22nd November 2018
* Thursday 20th December 2018
* Thursday 31st January 2019
* Thursday 28th February 2019
* Thursday 28th March 2019
* Thursday 16th May 2019
* Thursday 20th June 2019

We currently have vacancies for parent governors on the Governing body and would like to increase the range of skills available to support the work of the school. We are especially seeking parent governors with financial management expertise, with experience of basing funding decisions on organisational priorities and the ability to interpret financial data and question financial performance against strategic priorities. Prospective parent governors with HR experience and expertise would also be very welcome. Governors are vital to ensure the governing body is fully representative of school users and our local community. Being a member of our governing body is a rewarding experience and will ensure you continue to make a lasting contribution to the development of the school and the education of its pupils.

If you would like to become involved as a parent governor please contact Lynda Callaghan, our Chair of Governors for an informal discussion. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Email or call 0116 233 8411
Alternatively contact:
Governor Services Team – Education Performance Service
Social Care and Education
Leicester City Council

Tel: 0116 454 1916