Address: Hazel Street, Leicester, LE2 7JN
Tel: 0116 2338411
Twitter: @HazelSchool

0116 233 8411

Hazel Community Primary School

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  • Staff will be on the playground to safeguard pupils when the gates open at 8:30am
  • Teachers and Support Staff will be outside at 8:45am.
  • School starts at 8:50am.  
  • Pupils line up in classes and are escorted into school.
  • This is also a chance for parents and teachers to have a quick catch up before the day begins.
  • Members of staff are out on the playground to talk to most mornings.
  • The bell rings at 8.50am for the start of the school day.
  • Late arrivals cause disruption to the class and beginning of your child’s day. 
  • Please ensure that you make arrangements for your child to arrive at school on time.