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Hazel Community Primary School

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Governance at Hazel.

What do we do?

The Governors of Hazel Community Primary bring expertise from education, industry and the wider school community; we meet regularly at the school to provide challenge and support to the headteacher. 

We value and promote a positive and committed school atmosphere at Hazel Community Primary. We believe the school enables staff, pupils, parents and governors to work together to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and that the school is an exciting place for learning. In particular, this year we are committed to supporting the full reopening of school, the identification of lost learning and the implementation of plans to address that. 

The Governing body plays an important strategic and legal role in maintaining the success of Hazel Community Primary, helping to raise standards and ensure that all pupils receive the best possible education. We work closely with the headteacher, staff and the local authority in setting and agreeing the strategic direction of the school. 


Our core functions are: 

• Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction ; 

• Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils; and 

• Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent 


We are a small governing body at Hazel Community Primary School and as such we prioritise the Finance and Teaching and Learning committees. All other business is dealt with via Link Governors who are assigned to key areas relating to the School Development Plan. Link governors report back to the full governing body where relevant at the regular governing body meetings. 

Link Governors meet with key staff in their area at least one per term. Their role in this meeting is to monitor and evaluate the work in their area of responsibility. They support and challenge staff to test the robustness and effectiveness of planning and the impact of their work. This autumn, all governor visits will be conducted following DfE guidance and the school's risk assessment.  

 Outcomes from these interactions are reported back to the full Governing Body using the Hazel template and are discussed as a group at the regular governing body meetings. All Governors are free to enquire and further challenge the Link Governor on this. Further actions may be required or inspired, which the Link Governor will undertake and report back. 

Governors are also involved in supporting the school in making sure the education provided is the best it can be through visiting the school as well as talking with children, parents and staff on a regular basis. We all agree to fulfil these duties according to our Code of Conduct but these activitiewill not take place until it is safe to do so.  


FGB meeting dates 2020–2021

Autumn 2020 Spring 2021 Summer 2021


       24th September 2020

      12th November 2020

11th March 2021

10th June 2021


       We also hold a Finance and a T+L committee.


Finance Committee T+L committee

30th October 2020

 26th October 2020

2nd March 2021

22nd January 2021

6th May 2021

17th May 2021



 Governor Responsibilities 2020 – 2021

Statutory responsibilities

Other responsibilities

Lynda Callaghan

Co-opted governor



Pay and appraisal; HT





Alan Curtis

Co-opted governor


Pupil well-being

T+L Committee Chair

Governor induction

Eileen Marlowe

Co-opted governor




Sits on T+L Committee 

Cindy Gunn

LA governor

Recruitment of staff

 Parents and the community

Health and Safety

Governor induction

Sarah Thomson

Co-opted governor


Pay and appraisal; staff

Finance Committee Chair

Karen Bishop 

Staff governor

Sits on T+L Committee