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COVID-19 Updates 

NEWSLETTER - Monday 22nd March 2021


Dear Parents/carers

Thank you to all those families who took part in the reading challenge last week. Children received their prizes on Friday and they were very happy with them. Thank you also for supporting red nose day and for your donations to this great cause.

COVID reminders

Please can I remind you not to send your child to school if your child or any member of your family has COVID symptoms. The main symptoms are :

  • High temperature
  • New continuous cough
  • Loss of taste or smell.

Please can I also ask that you wear a mask when you are dropping off and picking up your children. Although school cannot enforce this, we are appealing to parents to support us in stopping the spread of the virus and keep both their children and families safe.

Friday 26th March 2021 is Maths day at Hazel and lots of exciting maths activities are planned for the children. We also break up on Friday 26th March for the Easter holidays. School will reopen on Monday 12th April 2021. A short report will be sent home for each child on Friday and this will give you information on :

  • How your child has settled back into their learning after lockdown.
  • What your children are working on in Reading, Writing and Maths
  • How you can help your child at home.

After the Easter holiday

When school opens after the Easter holiday, we will be continuing with our staggered start times and children in Bubbles which means they will need to continue to wear their PE kits on their PE day. We will also be continuing with packed lunches. The Stay Safe book is on the school website and all the information in the booklet will remain the same after the Easter holiday.

New Headteacher

Mr Hansen begins after the Easter holiday. He will be the substantive headteacher at Hazel and he is really looking forward to joining the school. I know that you will make him feel very welcome.

Thank you for all your support during my short stay at Hazel, it is such a lovely school and your children are a delight.

Your children will be brining a letter home on Friday informing our parents of the COVID reporting arrangements for during the Easter holidays- please look out for this letter.

Enjoy the week ahead

Mrs Baddeley

NEWSLETTER - Monday 15th March 2021


Dear Parents/carers

We had a lovely week in school last week.  The children have settled back into their routines really well and teachers have been busy finding out what gaps they have in their learning.  At this time of year we would usually have parents consultations but the children will have only been back in school for two weeks before they need to happen.  Instead of having a meeting or telephone call with your child’s teacher, you will receive a short report which will cover :

  • How your child has settled back into school since returning from lockdown
  • What your child is working on in Maths, Reading and Writing
  • Ideas of what you can do at home to support your child.

These reports will be sent home with your child on the Friday we break up before Easter.

Red Nose Day- Friday 19th March 2021 is Red Nose Day children can come to school wearing something red and make a donation to this amazing cause.


Please can I ask that parents wear a mask to drop off children and pick them up from school.  Any issues you want to talk to teachers about should be done over the phone.  Staff are unable to address these through the railings particularly if parents are not wearing masks.

Enjoy the week ahead

Mrs Baddeley

Monday 8th March

Look below for important information regarding Coronavirus, from the government, in a variety of languages!



Create homemade instruments with household items.

Try creating shakers by using pasta and rice in empty bottles. You could also try empty bottles or ones filled with varying degrees of water. Scrape them with spoons or twigs to make sounds or use upturned pans

NEWSLETTER - Monday 22nd February 2021



Dear Parents/carers


I hope you all made the best of the half term and got out for some exercise and at least some fresh air.  The nights are definitely getting lighter as are the mornings and this always gives me a new lease of life. 


We are awaiting the latest announcement on when all children will be returning to school – we know that Boris Johnson is due to make an announcement this evening regarding ‘ the roadmap’ out of the current lockdown.  As soon as we have all the information we need I will be writing to you to let you know what this will look like at Hazel Primary School.  I will be putting information on the school website and information will also be sent out through the School Gateway -  please keep your eye out for any new information.


I just wanted to remind you that if you or your children have any symptoms then you should seek a test and should not send children to school.  If you are in doubt then please telephone the school office rather than coming to school so that we can support you.  We must do all we can to drive the rates of infection down and keep the Hazel community safe.  If you are dropping children off as part of our key worker/vulnerable provision then please can I ask that you observe social distancing and wear a mask if you are not exempt- we need to make sure we are taking every precaution possible.


I hope that you have all received a postcard form the staff with a seed to planet-  the staff at school are missing you al and we thought that getting a special message from us through the post might brighten up your day- please plant your seed and nurture it to grow into a beautiful plant.


Thank you for your ongoing support.



To Hazel’s wonderful children

I hope you all had a lovely half term and got out for a walk and a breath of fresh air.  I also hope you have all planted your seeds and are making sure they are watered and looked after…. We can’t wait to see what you have grown.

 Have a lovely week.

Half-term Cycling - Monday 15th February 2021


Dear Parents/carers,

It’s half term next week and you may be looking for different activities to do with your family. How about enjoying a cycle ride together? It’s great exercise, you’ll take in fresh air and it can be done near to where you live! Sustrans have made a short film on how to safety check a bike and how to make minor adjustments with basic tools at home. Finding somewhere safe and pleasant to cycle with children is really important so they’ve made a guide with 14 different locations around the city where you can enjoy a bike ride! We hope you have a lovely half term break. 

Here’s the link to the bike check video:


This week’s challenge is to ‘Make a Rocket’

Follow this link for ideas: 

NEWSLETTER - Monday 8th January 2021


Dear Parents/carers,


We haven’t had any further updates about the proposed 8th March return to school yet but as soon as we do we will let you know. We break up for half term on Friday 12th February and school will then reopen for our critical worker and vulnerable children who have a place on Monday 22nd February.  It has been a strange half term.  I was hoping got be able to say good morning to you all on the gate and get to know your lovely children but that hasn’t happened. What I have learnt is what a lovely school Hazel is, how supportive the staff are of your children, how welcoming your children have been and how TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK !

If you need any support over the half term period, please contact the school office – the phones are always manned and we would be only to happy to help you in anyway we can.


From next week, live lessons will be recorded and teachers will be asking for permission.  The reason for this is so that we are following the appropriate safeguarding procedures.  If you do not let teachers know at the beginning of the sessions taking place on MONDAY then recording will go ahead.  These records will be kept for a maximum of 1 year only in line with the retention policy.


There has been a campaign running called ‘Pass a Smile on’.  During half term, I am challenging the children to draw a smiley face and put it in their window for all to see.  The idea is that whoever sees the face will smile – we need this right now ! something to make us all smile.

With my best wishes

Mrs. L Baddeley



To Hazel’s wonderful children

During half term,  look out for the postman; you never know there might be something for you…..

You are all working so hard at home we want you to know.




Tuesday 9th February 2021 is ‘Internet Safety Day’.  The internet is our automatic go to these days when we want to find out something, shop for something, book a holiday or even buy a car. It is a brilliant source of information BUT it can also be accessed and posted on by sources that are not so trustworthy.   On Tuesday all of the children will have a session on ‘Keeping safe when using the internet’ either remotely or in school. There are some really useful websites for parents, here are a few:



Go on an indoor scavenger hunt to find:

A teddy bear

Random sock



Mug or cup


Salt and pepper





Photograph what you’ve found !

NEWSLETTER Monday 1st February


Dear Parents/carers

You will have been listening like I was to the Prime Ministers announcement around the return of children to school and he said’ 8th March at the earliest’.  We have no more information than this at the moment and as soon as we do we will let you know.  I know that some parents think that we get the information before you but we don’t we get to hear at the same time !

Thank you for your ongoing support with learning at home.  We know that we have some families waiting for laptops and we are now distributing our own school laptops to make sure all children have access but this is not easy.  Mrs Hall, the School Business Manager will be in touch as laptops become available   In the meantime, please call the school office and we can prepare paper packs for families who would like them.  We still have a small number of pupils who are not accessing any work- we will be contacting those families to ensure they have what they need and to see if we can support them further.  We know it is difficult to learn at home but we do not want your children to slip any further behind with their learning.

 I have been adding information on to the school website and this week Martin Samuels Strategic Director Social Care and Education wrote to parents about the COVID situation in Leicester and the work schools were doing including the allocation of places at school.  This letter is still available for you for read on the school website.

Safeguarding- We also have a responsibility to make contact with the children and much of this is happening through google classroom and class dojo but where we do not have contact, the schools family worker and attendance and welfare officer will be conducting home visits in line with the schools safeguarding policy.  Please can I ask that parents understand the reason for this and respond appropriately. Abusive language towards school staff is unacceptable.

With my best wishes

Mrs L Baddeley



To Hazel’s wonderful children

 You produced some amazing work last week both in school and at home – thank you for being a remarkable bunch !

I was also impressed with the mug cakes baked as part of the headteacher challenge. 

If you haven’t taken part in a challenge yet.  Have a go at this weeks….


Keeping our International Links alive during Lockdown

In spite of the lockdown, this week, some of the children from Year 3 Devi Class made a video call to their friends in our partner schools: L’École de la Plume des Champs in Cernusson, France; and L’École de la Jaille on the French-speaking island of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean. The children had a chance to introduce themselves in French; ask and answer some questions about life in all three schools; sing a song together in French; and learn about the tradition of ‘La Fête des Rois’ (The Festival of the Kings). This follows on from the children’s French home learning where they focused on this tradition, celebrated in many parts of the French-speaking world, which marks the date in the Christian calendar that the Three Kings came to visit Jesus. Our friends in France and Guadeloupe explained all about the tradition to us and showed us the special cake that they eat to mark this special day. Many thanks to all the Year 3 pupils who participated so fantastically in the video call and to Mrs Westwood and Mrs Mistry for helping the children to prepare for the event.

Mrs Baddeley- My thanks go to Mrs Chettle Cully for organising this and to the staff who supported her.

Remote Learning

Children should make sure that they are logging in each day if they have remote access and they should be completing the tasks set.  If children are unsure of anything they can post questions to their teacher.  Teachers will respond during school hours. Paper packs should be returned to school when completed so that teachers can provide those children with feedback too,.


NEWSLETTER Monday 25th January 


Dear Parents/carers

During times like this, it is makes you reflect on some of the things in life that we probably all take for granted- I have to keep reminding myself how lucky I am even though it doesn’t always feel like that.  I bet there are many of you out there like me, having to remind myself to STAY positive.  Then I look at the children in school and those at home and take my hat off to them for how resilient they are.  They are making the absolute best of what is a difficult time for them too.  One thing is for certain we will get through this – TOGETHER.  We are here to support you and if you need help please give us a call.

 Again, last week, there was a brilliant response to the headteachers challenge with some amazing sock puppets.  I can see that people have had to think outside the box using some general household items to create features for their puppet face- thank you for taking part.  Those taking part should receive a postcard from myself through the post as a little thank you- I still love getting post but it’s certainly something that is dying out.

 Hopefully, you will have received your email regarding vouchers if you are entitled to Free School Meals.  If you haven’t then please call the school office and we will do our best to sort this out for you.

 There have been a few issues this week with E safety and children using inappropriate sites.  Children will be receiving an E safety session this week as part of both remote learning and learning in school. 

 With my best wishes

Mrs L Baddeley


To Hazel’s wonderful children

 My message to you this week is a simple one


 When you smile at someone its infectious and you are sure to get a smile back !!!


  This week I challenge you to -Make a MUG CAKE


4 tbs self-raising flour

2 tbs sugar

2 tbs cocoa

1 egg

3 tbs milk

3 tbs vegetable oil

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1 tbs milk chocolate chips


  1. In a large mug, place all the dry ingredients and mix well with a spoon. Use the spoon to grind all of the cocoa against the side of the cup so there are no lumps.


  1. Add the egg and beat it a little on top of the dry ingredients to break the yolk.


  1. Add the oil, milk and vanilla and mix until well combined.


  1. Stir the chocolate chips in and put into the microwave on high for 3 minutes.


  1. Serve with a nice big scoop of ice-cream


NEWSLETTER Monday 18th January


Dear Parents/carers

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  Firstly, I want to thank you for supporting the headteachers weekly challenge.  You are a really creative bunch ! I am in the process of getting these on the school website for everyone to view. 

Again this week, it has been great to see how many of you are working so hard to support your children with learning at home.  It is not easy for you I know that, but you are supporting your children well so thank you.

This week, I want to give a special shout out to the staff – they are working hard to provide the children with a good learning experience on line through google classroom and class dojo. They are also supporting the children in school alongside this.  This situation is a challenge for them too but like the whole of the Hazel Community they are rising to the challenge.  The office team are also working tirelessly to answer your calls and make sure you have what you need.  What I  have seen  over the last two weeks confirms that Hazel is a special place !

I want to give you an update on Free School Meal Vouchers as many of our parents have called the school office enquiring.  I am pleased to say that the Free School Meal Vouchers are back !  Mrs Blockley in the office is organising this.   You will receive an email from Eden Red so look out for this. If you have not received an email by Friday 22nd January, then please call the school office and we will follow this up for you.  If your child is in school with this they will receive a packed lunch each day and not the voucher.

 With my best wishes

Mrs L Baddeley


To Hazel’s wonderful children

Thank you for taking part in the Headteachers half term challenge- you made some amazing animals out of a toilet roll- Well Done.  I know it is difficult being at home but keep going with your learning on google classroom and Class Dojo.  You’ve got this !!!!

We all miss you at school and I am looking forward to meeting you all.


This weeks challenge is another creative one -Make a sock puppet.  Don't forget to send in your photos to the school office.


City council’s new crisis support email address be added to the website - - can be used by anyone who’s worried about having enough food, suffering financial hardship or even if they’re feeling lonely and isolated.


HEADTEACHER WEEKLY CHALLENGE week beginning 11th January 2021

Get creative with this weeks Headteacher Challenge- Make an animal out of a toilet roll 

NEWSLETTER  Monday 11th January 


Dear Parents/carers

It has been a very strange time to become the interim head of a primary school.  I was expecting to be seeing you all and your children everyday and getting to know you but unfortunately, it has not worked out that way.  I did introduce myself on my last letter but I am Mrs Leah Baddeley and I am going to be leading Hazel up until Easter. I just want to give you an update on a few things:

 In school last week we worked hard to get our key worker and vulnerable children bubbles organised and this started for those children on Wednesday of last week.  We are trying to accommodate as many children as we can but in doing this we have to consider the number of staff we have available to us and this will dictate the number of children we can have.  We are continually reviewing the groups and numbers of children and for those parents who have telephoned the school requesting a place we will contact you when one is available.

We also have staff delivering the remote learning for your children.  Should you have any problems with logging in to either Class Dojo or Google classroom please telephone the school office and we can provide you with login details.  We have issued laptops for children who do not have one – 38 laptops were provided to families next week.  We do still have a small supply left so please call the school office if you need one for your child.  Paper packs are also available.  Home schooling is not easy but I want to say a BIG thank you for all you are doing with your children at home.

For those children who are Free School Meals, at the moment, packed lunches are available for collection.  Parents need to call the school office on a Monday before 9.30am  to order for the week and then the lunches will be available for collection, fresh each day at 11.30am.  The Government are not currently providing vouchers but if this does become available we will let you know and we will issue them.

 If you are struggling for any reason then please call school as our Welfare Officer – Miss Thorpe and our Family worker Mrs Vadiwala may be able to help you.

 Take care and keep safe and keep in touch everyone.


To Hazel’s wonderful children

I hope you are all keeping well.  A BIG well done to you for doing so much learning at home.  During difficult times more than ever it is important that we all make sure we are looking after one another.  Try to be a good help around the house, remember how important it is to be ‘good people’ helpful, kind and considerate.  This is even more important at the moment.

Keep safe all of you.

Where to find school updates

Updates will be posted on the school website.  Click on Important updates on the homepage of the website and this will take you to a page with updates on.  A newsletter will also be put on there weekly for parents (every Monday).  There will also be links to any updated Coronavirus information. Mrs Blockley will be sending out my newsletter each Monday through School Gateway too so look out for this.


I will be setting the children a weekly challenge,  It will be something fun and creative.  Please take part if you can and send photos into the school office email address.  We will then post your photos on the school website.



City council’s new crisis support email address be added to the website - - can be used by anyone who’s worried about having enough food, suffering financial hardship or even if they’re feeling lonely and isolated.

Keep safe everyone and I will write to you again next week.  Please look out for any other information here.  This will  be updated regularly

Mrs Baddeley

5.1.2021  4pm



Information for parents whose children have been allocated a Key Worker or Vulnerable children place


Dear Parents/carers

Your child has been allocated a place at the key worker provision.  It is a fulltime place.  Should your child not been attending for any reason then you should call school and let them know.  This place will begin on Wednesday 7th January 2021


 Please note the following:

  • Please enter school through the gate on Sawday Street and keep your social distance from other parents. Only one parent should both drop off and pick up. Adults should wear a mask.
  • School begins at 9am. Please collect your child by 3pm and again collect from the gate on Sawday Street.
  • Please do not come on scooters or bikes or bring to school any other items from home.
  • A packed lunch will be provided if your child has Free School Meals – all other children should bring their own packed lunch each day.
  • Bubbles of key worker groups will be created and so it is important that you understand that the place you have been allocated is Full time.
  • Please remind your child of good hand hygiene (washing thoroughly) at home as they will need to be washing their hands a lot in school.
  • Please remind your child about the need to social distance from others.
  • Ensure your child is well enough to be in school and if you are unsure call the school office 0116 2338411 BEFORE bringing them to school.

Mrs Baddeley Interim Headteacher




HEADTEACHERS CHALLENGE Week beginning 11th January .

Good Handwashing.

Key Symptoms