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COVID-19 Updates 

NEWSLETTER Monday 18th January


Dear Parents/carers

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.  Firstly, I want to thank you for supporting the headteachers weekly challenge.  You are a really creative bunch ! I am in the process of getting these on the school website for everyone to view. 

Again this week, it has been great to see how many of you are working so hard to support your children with learning at home.  It is not easy for you I know that, but you are supporting your children well so thank you.

This week, I want to give a special shout out to the staff – they are working hard to provide the children with a good learning experience on line through google classroom and class dojo. They are also supporting the children in school alongside this.  This situation is a challenge for them too but like the whole of the Hazel Community they are rising to the challenge.  The office team are also working tirelessly to answer your calls and make sure you have what you need.  What I  have seen  over the last two weeks confirms that Hazel is a special place !

I want to give you an update on Free School Meal Vouchers as many of our parents have called the school office enquiring.  I am pleased to say that the Free School Meal Vouchers are back !  Mrs Blockley in the office is organising this.   You will receive an email from Eden Red so look out for this. If you have not received an email by Friday 22nd January, then please call the school office and we will follow this up for you.  If your child is in school with this they will receive a packed lunch each day and not the voucher.

 With my best wishes

Mrs L Baddeley


To Hazel’s wonderful children

Thank you for taking part in the Headteachers half term challenge- you made some amazing animals out of a toilet roll- Well Done.  I know it is difficult being at home but keep going with your learning on google classroom and Class Dojo.  You’ve got this !!!!

We all miss you at school and I am looking forward to meeting you all.


This weeks challenge is another creative one -Make a sock puppet.  Don't forget to send in your photos to the school office.


City council’s new crisis support email address be added to the website - C19support@leicester.gov.uk - can be used by anyone who’s worried about having enough food, suffering financial hardship or even if they’re feeling lonely and isolated.


HEADTEACHER WEEKLY CHALLENGE week beginning 11th January 2021

Get creative with this weeks Headteacher Challenge- Make an animal out of a toilet roll 

NEWSLETTER  Monday 11th January 


Dear Parents/carers

It has been a very strange time to become the interim head of a primary school.  I was expecting to be seeing you all and your children everyday and getting to know you but unfortunately, it has not worked out that way.  I did introduce myself on my last letter but I am Mrs Leah Baddeley and I am going to be leading Hazel up until Easter. I just want to give you an update on a few things:

 In school last week we worked hard to get our key worker and vulnerable children bubbles organised and this started for those children on Wednesday of last week.  We are trying to accommodate as many children as we can but in doing this we have to consider the number of staff we have available to us and this will dictate the number of children we can have.  We are continually reviewing the groups and numbers of children and for those parents who have telephoned the school requesting a place we will contact you when one is available.

We also have staff delivering the remote learning for your children.  Should you have any problems with logging in to either Class Dojo or Google classroom please telephone the school office and we can provide you with login details.  We have issued laptops for children who do not have one – 38 laptops were provided to families next week.  We do still have a small supply left so please call the school office if you need one for your child.  Paper packs are also available.  Home schooling is not easy but I want to say a BIG thank you for all you are doing with your children at home.

For those children who are Free School Meals, at the moment, packed lunches are available for collection.  Parents need to call the school office on a Monday before 9.30am  to order for the week and then the lunches will be available for collection, fresh each day at 11.30am.  The Government are not currently providing vouchers but if this does become available we will let you know and we will issue them.

 If you are struggling for any reason then please call school as our Welfare Officer – Miss Thorpe and our Family worker Mrs Vadiwala may be able to help you.

 Take care and keep safe and keep in touch everyone.


To Hazel’s wonderful children

I hope you are all keeping well.  A BIG well done to you for doing so much learning at home.  During difficult times more than ever it is important that we all make sure we are looking after one another.  Try to be a good help around the house, remember how important it is to be ‘good people’ helpful, kind and considerate.  This is even more important at the moment.

Keep safe all of you.

Where to find school updates

Updates will be posted on the school website.  Click on Important updates on the homepage of the website and this will take you to a page with updates on.  A newsletter will also be put on there weekly for parents (every Monday).  There will also be links to any updated Coronavirus information. Mrs Blockley will be sending out my newsletter each Monday through School Gateway too so look out for this.


I will be setting the children a weekly challenge,  It will be something fun and creative.  Please take part if you can and send photos into the school office email address.  We will then post your photos on the school website.



City council’s new crisis support email address be added to the website - C19support@leicester.gov.uk - can be used by anyone who’s worried about having enough food, suffering financial hardship or even if they’re feeling lonely and isolated.

Keep safe everyone and I will write to you again next week.  Please look out for any other information here.  This will  be updated regularly

Mrs Baddeley

5.1.2021  4pm



Information for parents whose children have been allocated a Key Worker or Vulnerable children place


Dear Parents/carers

Your child has been allocated a place at the key worker provision.  It is a fulltime place.  Should your child not been attending for any reason then you should call school and let them know.  This place will begin on Wednesday 7th January 2021


 Please note the following:

  • Please enter school through the gate on Sawday Street and keep your social distance from other parents. Only one parent should both drop off and pick up. Adults should wear a mask.
  • School begins at 9am. Please collect your child by 3pm and again collect from the gate on Sawday Street.
  • Please do not come on scooters or bikes or bring to school any other items from home.
  • A packed lunch will be provided if your child has Free School Meals – all other children should bring their own packed lunch each day.
  • Bubbles of key worker groups will be created and so it is important that you understand that the place you have been allocated is Full time.
  • Please remind your child of good hand hygiene (washing thoroughly) at home as they will need to be washing their hands a lot in school.
  • Please remind your child about the need to social distance from others.
  • Ensure your child is well enough to be in school and if you are unsure call the school office 0116 2338411 BEFORE bringing them to school.

Mrs Baddeley Interim Headteacher

HEADTEACHERS CHALLENGE Week beginning 11th January .

Good Handwashing.

Key Symptoms