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Hazel Community Primary School

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Yester Year at Hazel

This page is dedicated to a walk down memory lane. Thank you to the all the Hazel Street Primary School ex pupils including  Mr Andy Potter and Mrs Tracey Potter, who have shared these photos on their Hazel Street Primary School Appreciate Facebook page.

Hazel Street Primary School which later became know as Hazel Community Primary School has such a rich history and we are proud to share some of that history with you. 

You may recognise whereabout some of these photos were taken. There are one or two clues!


Do you have any old photographs of Hazel School? We'd love to see them! Use our Contact Us page to find our email address, or Tweet them to us!


Celebrating 140 Years of Hazel School!

In July 2022 we celebrated the school's 140th year at a very special Summer Fair Open Day!

We opened our schools up to all current and former pupils, parents, families, friends and the community. It was fantastic to see so many people celebrating the wonderful history of this school, which opened as a Leicester Board School all the way back in 1882!

We are very proud of our history here at Hazel Community Primary School.


In which of the two halls do you think this PE lesson took place?

One of our first football teams. Where do you think this photos was taken?


From Black and White photos to colour photos. Look at our football teams from the Early 1900s to the 1950s and then in the 70s!   What type of lessons are taking place below?          

 Do you know which room this is?

Hazel once had a library in a different place. Do you know which room that was?    

Can you see the sign in the background?  What happening in this photo?

Can you see the children holding up the name HAZEL.  Well back then, H stood of Honesty! Just like now! I wonder what the other letters stood for? Why don't you try
and find out!

Mrs Smedley's Retirement 1971

Hazel Community Primary School - We are proud of our history!