School Council


The school council meets once a month and is led by Mrs Jefferies. One child from each class is nominated by their class peers to be a school Councillor. The children remain on the school council for one year.


In November the school council helped recruit two new teachers to the school. The school council reported,

‘We asked them questions like why did they choose Hazel and what is their favourite subject.

We liked Mr Dandolo and Miss Giannoulis and we are pleased they are now teachers at our school.’



Anti- Bullying Ambassadors

I asked the anti-bullying ambassadors for some information for the website. They described their role as the following-

‘We stop bullying’.

‘We make the school a better place’.

‘We are kind to other children.’

‘We help them to make friends.’

‘We play with other children.’

‘If someone is crying or hurt we help them.’