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Hazel Community Primary School

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 Mr D Hansen - Headteacher




Our Hazel Pride Values






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Welcome to Hazel Community Primary School

Our school is a very special place, where visitors receive a warm and friendly welcome from the children and whole school community. We are proud of the diverse community we serve in the heart of Leicester City.

At Hazel, we believe in providing a vibrant, happy school where our children can grow into confident, respectful and articulate individuals who have the intrinsic understanding that they are the leaders of tomorrow!

We want to be an inspirational learning community which creates opportunities for dreamers, idea makers and innovators to blossom, thrive and excel beyond what is expected of them.

We aim to empower our children to apply their knowledge and skills as divergent thinkers and become responsible young people of integrity who can realise their own futures to become extraordinary citizens and leaders of tomorrow.  


Hazel Principles and Values

We are committed to building futures; successful leaders of tomorrow, in a supportive learning environment in which all children feel valued, respected and challenged to achieve their full potential. We want to give our children opportunities to develop their learning and thinking skills for life. “We want our children to value education for its own sake; to dream big and pursue that dream with ambition and determination!”

We are committed to standing out as a beacon in our local community not just because of standards in teaching and learning but we want to send forth into the world young men and women of character. We will endeavour to promote 11 core values which we believe will prepare our children for the world in which they will play a significant role. These 11 core values embody what we believe represents ‘Hazel Pride!’  Honesty, Altruism, Zeal, Enthusiasm, Love for Learning, Perseverance, Resilience/Respect, Independence, Determination and Excellence! We want our children to say with pride, “I go to Hazel Community Primary School!”