Cycling to School

It is great that so many children cycle and ‘scoot’ to school. However, I need to remind you all that whilst we welcome children cycling and ‘scooting’ to school we cannot be responsible forĀ  keeping bikes and scooters safe.

We have a bike rack in the playground under the fire escape, and a storage shed. Neither of these are locked during the day, and we advise you that children should use a suitable bike lock, just as they would in a public place.

No one should cycle in the playground; bikes must be pushed once they are in the school grounds. We also like to see children wearing cycling helmets, and on darker days wearing high visibility and reflective clothing for safety.

Later this term we are hoping to hold more cycling lessons, and I will let you know as soon as I can what we can offer.

Sadly we have had three bikes stolen from school at the beginning or end of the day recently when the gates are open. CCTV has shown us that they were stolen by people who are not Hazel children, and fortunately the bike stolen earlier this week was quickly traced by the police with the help of CCTV recording.


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