Year 3




This Autumn Term 1 in Year 3

English – Reading The Stone Age Boy – Children will go on a journey with Ug to find out all about his adventures during the Stone Age Period, they shall find out what foods were eaten during those times, how foods were found and cooked and how people communicated with one another. They will become Stone Age people themselves and have a go at making some tools similar to those used during this period to hunt for food. Children will be writing diary entries, making predictions, using inference skills and having a go at writing their own stories.

Maths – We shall be learning about place value, the value of each digit in a 3 digit number. Counting in 100’s and 1000’s forwards and backwards, looking at 10 and 100 more and less, using number lines, tracks and place value charts to really gain a broad understanding of place value. Carrying out problem solving and reasoning questions to develop our deeper thinking and understanding.

Topic – Stone Age to Iron Age – We shall explore this topic further across many curriculum areas, examine differences between Stone Age and current time, have a go at our own cave paintings, learn about Neolithic and Mesolithic times and make comparisons around food, diet and clothing.

Science – Investigating Rocks and Soils.

RE – Creation and Green Issues

Design and Technology – Children will practice their sewing skills to make their own Stone Age purses.

PHSE – Roles and Responsibilities

French – Children shall be learning how to greet each other formally, how to say their names, to ask another persons name, counting from 1-20 and be able to recite a French poem.

Shared Reading – Fantastic Mr Fox


Our homework will be given out on a Friday and due back in by the following Wednesday.
Below are the links to Accelerated Reader, MyMaths and BugClub, your child will know their log in details or it will be in their homework book.


Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday.
Make sure your PE kit is in school and has been washed over the weekend. Si Sports and Dance and shall take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Things you can do to help your child

Please try to read with your child daily and ask them questions about what they are reading to check their understanding. Do some maths problems with them, even if only walking round the shops and getting them to add up some prices of their favourite things. Point out road signs with numbers so they can see maths in real life contexts. Practice their spellings with them so they are ready for their tests on Fridays.


No trips planned yet.


Keep an eye out for when our Assemblies are so you don’t miss out.

Long Term Plans

Year 3 have created a Long Term Plan for the school year, you may view it by clicking on the link below.

Year 3 Long Term Planning 2018-19

The long term plans at Hazel Community Primary School have been written to provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum that will motivate and engage the pupils at Hazel. The Long Term plans may sometimes change due to extra-curricular opportunities and additional visits.