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Hazel Community Primary School is a Knowledge Transfer Centre, allowing other schools to watch and learn from our good  practice in phonics and early reading.

All our books are graded according to difficulty base on Reading Recovery levels and  ‘Bookbands’ or Accelerated Reader levels. Children can easily identify appropriate books using this system. We use a range of books from published reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Floppy’s phonics, Songbird, PM readers and Rigby Star. The children work through the different levels and colour bands of the reading scheme. They can move through the scheme at their own pace. When the children are confidently reading around 95% accuracy on a reading book they are assessed as ready to move up to the next level and can receive a reading bookmark or Reading sticker from Mrs Blatherwick. All children read at least once a week in a guided reading group with an adult and get to change their reading books as often as they want. Children can borrow up to 2 reading books at any one time and swap them as frequently as you and your child would like. Some children who need a little extra support with their reading get additional guided reading sessions or support from Mrs Jefferies or from one of our trained Hazel Reading Partners.

Accelerated Reader

Children from year 1 upwards take part in an accelerated reader programme. Every time they complete an accelerated reader book they take an online quiz which assesses their understanding of their reading and keep a log of all the books they have read.

Our Best Book

Years  6 are taking part in the Leicester Library’s project ‘Our Best Book’. They will be reading and reviewing 20 books and then voting on their favourite five titles. In the summer they will be able to find out the number 1 book voted by all Leicester schools taking part in the project.

First News

Each week the school takes delivery of 24 copies of First News- a newspaper specially written for children in Key Stage 2.

Story telling

Sharing stories is important for children of all ages. Reading a story to your child every night will make a huge difference to their language development. In Reception the children had stories read to them by a storyteller who visited the school and also gave every child a story sack of books to take home.

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Family Learning Session

Family Learning Sessions are held throughout the year providing parents and their children with workshops on subjects such as reading, story writing and family health and first aid. For information on current family learning sessions please ask at the school office.

Author Visits

Each March the children got the opportunity to meet an author. Here are some of the authors that the children have met.

James Campbell                                                                              John Dougherty

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The Two Steves


How we teach children to read at Hazel


All children in Reception and year 1 have daily phonics sessions. We are a Knowledge Transfer Centre for early reading and phonics and have gained such from working with a literacy consultant, Ann Smalberger. Children also learn to read and spell ‘tricky’ words – words which don’t rely on phonics. Phonics is a really important part of Reception and Key Stage One as it helps with independent reading and writing.

Ways to help your child read

Please see this list of tips and advice about helping your child to read.

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