Tuesday 14th January 2019– El Día de los Reyes
This week Spanish Club celebrated the festival of the three kings. In Spain, and the Spanish-speaking world, the 6th January is the day that people celebrate the visit of Jesus by the three wise men. It is on this day that children traditionally receive their Christmas presents and families celebrate by eating ‘el roscón del reyes’. This sweet bread-like cake is made in a round shape, like a crown, and decorated with sugar and candid fruits. Inside a small figurine is hidden and whoever finds it becomes the king, or queen, for the day. Today we learned all about the tradition, comparing it to the same celebration in France, and ate our own roscón de reyes. Feliz Día de los Reyes.

Tuesday 18th December 2018 –
Feliz Navidad!

Did you know that Spanish children don’t get their Christmas presents until 6th January! In Spain, unlike in the United Kingdom, the celebration of Christmas really happens at Epiphany, which is when Christians believe the Wise Men arrived to see Jesus. There is still a big celebration on Noche Buena (Christmas Eve), however, when families gather to eat and drink together late into the night and remember the birth of Jesus. The Spanish Club Christmas party was a chance to have lots of fun and learn about how Christmas is celebrated throughout the Spanish-speaking world. We learned the Christmas song ‘Feliz Navidad’, had a vocabulary snowball fight to practise the words and phrases we have learned this half term, ate lots of lovely food and, of course, hit a piñata, which is a celebratory tradition from Mexico.
Feliz Navidad y prospero año!

Tuesday 13th November
Tortilla time!

This week, Spanish Club met in the Food Technology Room to create a traditional Spanish dish: una tortilla. There are some very talented chefs amongst us and we made five very delicious tortillas using a few simple ingredients. Probably the best part of the afternoon was getting to taste our creations, which smelled and tasted great! Well done to all of Spanish Club who demonstrated fantastic teamwork and skill today. ¡Buen provecho!

Tuesday 30th October

Spanish Club is back for a second year running with an amazing number of enthusiastic learners! This week we have been learning how to say hello at different times of the day in Spanish and how to ask how somebody is feeling. This song from ‘Basho and Friends’ helped us to remember the different greetings.